Event Music

Tye Austin has performed solo guitar concerts at many prestigious venues around the world from NYC’s Carnegie Hall to London’s Royal Albert Hall, Shanghai’s Lidoway, and the United Nations Headquarters to name a few. In addition to performing formal concerts, Austin is also available to perform background music for luxury and corporate events, private parties, cruise ships, casinos, golf clubs, retreat centers, wineries, and other music venues. Unlike many classical musicians, Austin considers it a privilege to perform background music for any event offering considerable compensation.

Tye Austin performing in concert at Carnegie Hall.

Formal Concerts (2 hour program)

Book Tye Austin in concert at your music hall, theatre, university, music festival, guitar society, or other music venue. Travel fees not included.


Tye Austin performing at an event in Central Park.

Event Music (1-5 hours)

Book Tye Austin to perform background music at your private event. Rate is hourly for 1-6 hours per event. Travel fees not included.