299073_181331541953366_427272679_nCurrently accepting all guitar and music students for private instruction. Lesson plans will be customized for each student. All styles and approaches to music are welcome as students are encouraged to learn by ear and example, sight-reading and music theory (not required) are secondary and have always come after the ear. Your first lesson is free for consultation, which will be used to determine and discuss the student’s skill level, musical interests, and aspirations. After the first session, lessons may be purchased in advance in package rates of 1 month (4 private lessons) or 2 months (8 private lessons).

Lessons are available in sessions of 30 min. for $30 or 60 min. for $50. Rates are subject to change. All ages are welcome regardless of skill level and experience. If you would like to schedule your private lesson, please contact Tye Austin via the contact page. Let’s learn to make music together!

Lessons available include:

  • Guitar (nylon & steel string): beginning to advanced levels
  • Songwriting, composition & counterpoint: beginning to advanced levels
  • Music theory and ear training: beginning to advanced levels
  • Vocals: basic training

Please read and review the following music studio policy for students:

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