“Tye Austin can make the guitar sing like it was invented only to be in his hands.” –Joe Camarlinghi, NBC-5 


string-quartet-playing New Project: Back Bay String Quartet - I’m very excited to present my new chamber music project: The Back Bay String Quartet, which consists of classical guitar, violin, viola, and cello. The guitar is generally the last instrument associated with a string quartet, however it’s more suitable for chamber music than it may seem. The polyphonic and orchestral qualities make the guitar perfect…Read more New Project: Back Bay String Quartet
Brick Photo Weekly Performances - I recently secured two weekly performance gigs in Boston! I’ll be playing every Friday night from 6-8pm at Dosa Factory located at 316 Newbury Street and I’ll be playing every Sunday night from 6-8pm at Caffe Bene located at 333 Mass Ave (across from Symphony Hall). Come study and enjoy a cup of coffee or…Read more Weekly Performances
BGO Photo Finalist for BGO Conductor Post - I’m pleased to announce I’ve been selected as a finalist for the conductor post of the Boston Guitar Orchestra for Boston Classical Guitar Society’s 2016-17 Artist Concert Series. The final round involves me composing and arranging new music for guitar orchestra and preparing the group members for the premiere at a concert with the Beijing…Read more Finalist for BGO Conductor Post

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