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Acoustic Wave is a podcast hosted by virtuoso guitarist, composer, and impresario, Tye Austin, M.M. Tune in every Monday morning at 9am PST to listen to conversations about how the music industry operates behind the scenes. Learn how to navigate a professional music career as we interview artistic leaders and business entrepreneurs about the intersections between music, business, technology, and philosophy in the 21st century. We highlight successful case studies in the music industry that inspire us to realize our true self through the power of music.

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International award-winning solo guitarist, Tye Austin has managed to forge a formidable music career on his own terms. In 2013, he produced a series of fundraiser concerts and secured a private full-ride scholarship to cover tuition & living expenses while pursuing his master of music degree at the New England Conservatory of Music. Since then, he has made his solo debut at Carnegie Hall, toured 12 US states and 5 countries, represented impoverished musicians at the United Nations, recorded his first album, composed music for the Netflix original series, “Versailles,” and taught music education in China to name a few accomplishments. After nearly a decade of trial and error, Tye has discovered how anyone can succeed in the music industry regardless of academic training or economic background. He started this podcast to share his insight with others. What one person can do, another can do. Tune in Monday mornings at 9am PST to surf the Acoustic Wave.

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