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Acoustic Wave is a podcast hosted by Tye Austin, M.M. that highlights the intersections between music, business, technology, and self-realization in the 21st century. Learn to navigate the peaks and troughs of a modern music career with artistic leaders and business entrepreneurs who have hacked the system. Our goal is to amplify the voices encouraging others to realize their true self through the power of music.

Meet Your Host

Tye Austin, M.M. is an international award-winning guitar virtuoso, prodigious composer, and musical auteur. He has forged a formidable music career without asking permission from gate keepers. After years of trial and error, Austin started this podcast to discuss helpful career tips and tricks modern musicians and entrepreneurs use to blaze their own trails through the music industry. We also discuss the importance of philosophical and spiritual practices used to attain self-realization as a musician and sound-healer. When music improves the mood of its audience, a spiritual healing has occurred. Tune in to surf the Acoustic Wave.

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