Debut Album Release – Andalusia: Spanish Guitar Music

MaestroMy debut studio EP album is now available for streaming at my Digital Music Store and SoundCloud. This EP was independently released on December 15, 2017 and features 20 minutes of Spanish guitar music by Francisco Tarrega, Miguel Llobet, Manuel de Falla, Anonymous, and your’s truly. Spanish guitar music inspired me to pick up the instrument for the first time when I was sixteen-years-old. After the first year of my graduate studies in guitar performance at the New England Conservatory, I traveled through Spain for the entire summer of 2015. I gained profound insight into the history of Spanish guitar music while performing in the cave dwellings and tapas bars of Andalusia, and taking flamenco lessons with native guitar masters, David Martinez and Adrian Ruis. During this solo voyage, I visited ten different Spanish cities and paid homage to the historical monuments and childhood homes of my favorite composers such as Francisco Tarrega, Manuel de Falla, Joaquin Rodrigo, Andres Segovia, and many others. I contemplated the music of my guitar heroes as I witnessed the muses that inspired their original works of genius. I remember learning Tarrega’s famous tremolo work, Recuerdos de la Alhambra, while overlooking the Alhambra Palace from my roof terrace in Granada.

You can listen to the entire EP album here and on SoundCloud for free, but please pay $5 or more if you can. Everyone who pays will receive a digital download of the EP via email. All profits will go towards recording the full-length album, which will include additional Spanish guitar works by Fernando Sor, Enrique Granados, Isaac Albeniz, and Joaquin Turina. Thanks for your generosity and support!

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